Have you ever had one of those days that you have an AHA! moment? When you come to your truth, your purpose or what your are supposed to be doing in this Earth but have been avoiding for a long time or just you never thought about it. In Portuguese we call it the Hannnn! moment. this is what I´am calling today REALIZATION!

It came to me a couple of days ago what I should be doing to help fulfil my purpose in this life. It was something that hovered my mind for a while, but I was just either too afraid ou too proud to listen to that little voice inside of me. I kept hearing my own voice in the inside saying “write Isa, write Isa, spread the message Isa! And here I am writing my first blog post, not sure how or who is going to read it but because that is not the thing worries me the most, I am just throwing myself out there for the world to catch me. I realized in this very moment, with my very first word that this is what I love to do. sharing my ideas, my thoughts, my humble knowledge with the world just because that fulfills me and because I know that someone somehow is going to benefit from it.

Many times we find ourselves stuck at a point in life where even though everything whether financially, emotionally or  health wise is going fine, we still miss something of utmost importance in our life. Something that you know that if you were doing that you would be the happiest person alive. Other times, things might not be going so well in the different areas of our lives but we know that if we were doing that one thing, the one thing that we were brought to this earth for, we would be just fine!

This is what I want to call your attention for today. Listen to yourself! Get to know yourself. Pay attention to the things that trigger your interest. Explore, experience different things so you know what your mind and body responds to. When you find it, oh my friend when you find throw yourself in it. don´t overthink it. Don´t doubt it. Don´t be afraid. don´t back down. If you are not sure how to start it, look for a way but do it! If you don´t have enough resources to start, don´t sweat, start with what you have. Quem não tem cão caça com gato (Make do with what you have)! You will never get to know how it is to success or fail if you  don´t start. if you are afraid of failing, don´t be. Because failure is what will make you if you have the strength and courage to do it again and again and again. Every time you do it again with the right attitude and strategy you will improve and succeed eventually.

So, Realize your purpose, dust yourself off and get to work, mãos á obra! if it is a business start it! A hobby, do it! Whatever it is that will make you jump from excitement, go ahead and do it!

Always Believe in yourself!


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